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--Winter Dangers

Dangers of Winter Storms

There are many dangers that winter storms pose on people and animals that affect life and liberty. Below are a number of these that can happen during the winter and precautions and help that can be given.

Frostbite and Hypothermia

Frostbite is a severe reaction to cold exposure that can permanently
damage its victims. A loss of feeling and a white or pale appearance in
fingers, toes, or nose and ear lobes are symptoms of frostbite.
Hypothermia is a condition brought on when the body temperature drops to less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Symptoms of hypothermia include uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, memory lapses, frequent stumbling, drowsiness, and exhaustion. Both can be accelerated if significant windchill conditions are present and can occur in animals as well.
Windchill is another condition that is a winter danger. A complete look at this is located in this safety section.


--If frostbite or hypothermia is suspected, begin warming the person slowly and seek immediate medical assistance. Warm the person's trunk first.
--Use your own body heat to help. Arms and legs should be warmed last because stimulation of the limbs can drive cold blood toward the heart and lead to heart failure.
--Put person in dry clothing and wrap their entire body in a blanket.
--Never give a frostbite or hypothermia victim something with caffeine in it (like coffee or tea) or alcohol. Caffeine, a stimulant, can cause the heart to beat faster and hasten the effects the cold has on the body. Alcohol, a depressant, can slow the heart and also hasten the ill effects of cold body temperatures.
--Seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Dangerous Driving Conditions

Winter storms can bring about drastic and quick changes on the roadways so "heads up" on changing weather conditions is recommended. Heavy snow can limit visibility and make the roadways slippery and, in many cases, not visible thus causing the chance for you to drive right off the road and into the ditch. Drive slow and leave lots of space for braking. Blowing and drifting snow add to the problem as large drifts can form across the road and, upon impact, cause you to lose control. Reduced visibility can limit sight and prevent you seeing hazards ahead of you. Slow down when you can't see. If it becomes dangerous, pull off at the closet safe area (away from traffic routes) and wait it out.


If you see someone in trouble, please try and help if you can. Winter storms are very dangerous and people can lose their lives. 

--If you have a cell phone, call the police or towing companies and direct them to the incident. A few cents is not that much to save a life. You can also pull over at the nearest safe place and make a phone call. Remember, if this was you, you would hope someone would do the same. 
--As there are many scenarios to winter accidents, use common sense when you try to assist. Keep yourself safe when trying to help others. --If immediate assistance is need, phone the police and ask for advice/information on how to proceed if you are unsure. 
--If you pull over to assist, make sure you do in a safe place that is out of the way. 



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