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Road Conditions

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--British Columbia
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--Nova Scotia
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Flu Reports
Airport Delays
School Closings

Road Construction and Traffic Delays for Ontario

Want to know where construction is and plan to avoid it?  This is the place.   Click around and miss those hour long traffic jams. These are links to updated information on traffic and road conditions on major roads throughout the regions below. In the winter, many of the construction links go offline. The exception is for Central Ontario where they are updated every 5 mins. 

Current Traffic Conditions

An excellent graphic of current traffic conditions in Toronto is provided by Drives Globis Data and this is updated every minute. They also have the ability to have this information sent to your phone etc. Subscriptions are available.

Weekly Construction Report For Ontario Highways


Weekly Construction Report By Ontario Regions


Central Ontario(5min updates): Niagara | Hamilton-Wentworth | Halton | Peel | Toronto | York | Durham

Cottage & Festival Routes

Near NorthGetaway CountryRainbow CountryFestival Country  |  Lake Lands

Other Advisories

Metro Toronto Road Construction Advisories
City of Mississauga Construction Advisories


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