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--Water Levels
--Tidal Info

Air Quality
Forest Fire

Current Canadian Marine Information

Current marine reports are required for all fisherman, sailors, jet-skis, etc for the Great Lakes and other marine areas.  Some areas only report weather conditions during the summer months and small craft warnings are only issued between May And October. The selector boxes below take into account all available forecasts including buoys located in the Great Lakes.

Marine Forecasts For Canada

Region Forecasts Synopsis Technical
Maritimes Bras D'Or Lakes
Halifax Harbour
The Maritimes
Sea state - Maritimes

Sea state - NFLD
Sea state - Labrador
Maritime Buoy Info
NE U.S. Buoy Info
B.C BC Coast B.C. Buoy Info
Alaska Buoy Info
NW U.S. Buoy Info
Praries Lake Athabasca
Manitoba Lakes
Quebec St. Lawrence River - Cornwall to Anticosti
Arctic Puvirnituq Belcher and James Bay
Hudson Strait - Foxe Basin
Mackenzie Inl - Great Slave Lk -Mackenzie Rv
N. Arctic - Baffin Bay

N. Hudson Bay
East Baffin Isl. - Davis Strait
Western Arctic Waters
Western Arctic Eastern Arctic
Ontario Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River
Lake Simcoe/Lake Nipissing
North Channel, Lake of the Woods and Lake Nipigon
Great Lakes E. Great Lakes Buoy 
W. Great Lakes Buoy 

Technical Forecast

Wave And Wind Model Forecasts

Lake Ontario

Lake Erie

Lake St. Clair

Lake Huron

Lake Superior

Marine Wind Warnings

Small Craft Warning

winds 20-33 knots

Gale Warning

winds 34-47 knots

Storm Warning

winds 48-63 knots

Hurricane Force Wind Warning

winds 64 knots or higher



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