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Welcome to My Storm Chasing Section!

As most of you know, I created this site originally to host my storm chasing links for weather and other pertinent data dealing with storm chasing. However, the site grew into a large weather site for Ontario, expanding to all of Canada in 2001. This is my personal page outlining chases that I have done and photos I have taken during these chases. Pre- 1997 I did not write up chase logs but, over the last few years, my logs have become more indepth with regards to conditions, observations and, most importantly, graphics and photos.  

The summaries encompass brief write ups of all the chases I took in that year, regardless of outcome (busted out, bad photos, etc). When a specific event occurred, my chase logs expand into the actual day with descriptions and photos regarding the event. 2005 has, by far, my best chase season and has many photos and information regarding events in the region. The photo gallery consists of additional photos that were shot but not related to documented chases/events.

Updated: Chase Pictures From 2007-2008

2005 Chase Season
More Soon

2004 Chase Season

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1997 Chase Season

Photo Gallery


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