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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights

This has to be the best northern lights display I have ever seen in Ontario and possibly in my life. There are quite a few shots here from different points of the night and will explain a little. I took over 150 shots on digital and still and these are the best of them all.

Here is a 500 kb movie of a period of about 3 mins condensed into 3.5 seconds.

These first bunch were taken at around 6:50 pm to 7:30 pm using a Pentax SLR with 400 ASA film with varying film exposures from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Every possible type of northern lights display was seen during the time from curtains to rays to pulsations etc. The only type that was not seen was corona impacts which formed later in the evening and are seen below.

These shots were taken around 10:15pm to 12:30 Am wiht a Sony 5.1 mp camera with a  400 ASA rating and 5 - 10 second exposure. They show some curtains and ray actions but the best was the corona impacts which you can see. Will point a few of them out as these are taken looking directly up and the point of impact is the center and everything showers down from it. At one point the impacts were so strong, it looked like lightning was happening but it was in space. A truly awesome spectacle. During this time frame I also saw a huge fireball shot from north to south heading towards Hamilton that lasted about 5 seconds which is very long. Sadly my cam was not pointed there.





These are some photos of the corona effect. You can see the center and then the showering effect. Very rare to see around here.



Hope you got out to see the show but if you missed it, at least you can see some photos here.




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