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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Leonids 2001

This is my little page on my Leonids Meteor Shower night. I have to say that this was the best meteor shower I expect to see in my lifetime. Fireballs, single meteors and then a fireworks show that gave me neck a cramp from trying to look everywhere at the same time.

Below are most of the images I caught on print. I did find out that trying to photography meteors has to be the hardest thing I have ever attempted. You only get to focus the camera in one area and hope that something happens. The images look a tad dull. That is due to the fact that the film (400 ASA) is fast and you can overexpose them very quickly. Hope you enjoy them. They are some larger images. My original scans were close to 7 megs each.

The nicest picture of the bunch. 2 in the top left and one small on in the central right. Single Meteor in bottom left
A small centered shot Another small centered shot
The beginning of this one in the top right but nice focus with the trees. A meteor heading for Toronto (the lights)
Plane (the long streak) and Meteors (bottom center and bottom left) This is one I never saw until I got the photos back. If you look at the horizon on the left you can see the fireball streak low across the horizon.
A small one around the bottom center This looks almost identical to the picture on the left but it is not. A small one around the bottom center



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