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The Ontario Weather Page Learning Center

The learning center was developed to help others using the internet find pertinent and information articles, learning modules and discussions dealing with weather. These articles may deal with general factors like the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity to learning how to forecast the weather. The modules listed here do work. I have read almost every one and have used them as reference in many instances.  Thanks to Sandy for continuing to send me new articles for this section. A few more and you may have a book on your hands.

Learning Center Sections

Forecasting Learning to read and intepret radar, satellite and other interesting topics like the cloud catalog, forecasting the weather, El Nino and more. There is also links for elementary school children in language they can understand. 
Articles Sander Schimmelpenninck has been kind enough to send me a series of articles dealing with many indepth weather features. Topics include humidity, precipitation, pressure, temperature, visibility, wind and clouds. Thanks Sandy for helping me expand this section of the site.
Lore/Fact Sheets How fast does 1 inch hail fail? What is an F2 tornado? What temperature does snow squeak? These answers and more can be found here.

Environment Canada has released their Severe Weather Watchers Handbook for identifying severe weather. This is an excellent manual to learn and spot with.


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