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J.D.'s Place in Cyberspace

In Memorandum. July 8, 1995 - September18, 2007

Sadly my pup has passed on due to cancer after 12 great years with me and my families. As he was sitting with me as I created this website almost 10 years ago, the late nights all the upgrades and additions over the years,  it is only right that he has a lasting space here. I am glad to have know him. When I got him, they said he would only last a few months as he had a heart issue. I figured he would enjoy his time with us regardless. That few months turned into 12 years. Talk about fighting it to the end!!! Will miss you tons.

jd.jpg (6974 bytes)
Hi! I'm J.D. Patrick

Hi My name is J.D. Dave named me after something called Jack Daniels of which I have no clue but know I am not allowed to have. I am 12 years old and my birthday in July 8, 1995. When I was born, I was what people call a runt. When Dave came to my house, he knew immediately that I was the dog for him. And then began my adventure in the country.

This is me at 8 weeks.

My favourite things to do are playing with my big Kong Ball, eating sticks, running through the creek in the backyard, barking at birds and chickens and taking long walks in the field. I also like chasing rabbits but they are very quick and I have never come close to catching one. Like Dave I love the weather and can be found outside in all types of weather. I also like watching thunderstorms in the summer and usually find Dave sitting on a chair as well.

This is me at 2 years.

I have been told that I am a little overweight but I tell them that I feel great so be quiet. I like my food and especially like my T-Bone dog treat after dinner. I also like ice cream but I only get that in the summer for some reason. Popcorn is good too. I can be found either on my couch that Dave gave me, on his bed or under the table sleeping (see below). I now have a new friend named Dusty. She can be a little pain. I have found her trying to steal my space on Dave's bed and have not been happy about that. I also find her in my doggy bed as well.


Watching Dave and Kristy's Wedding in 2006

I hope you like my little web page.



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