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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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Dusty's Place in Cyberspace

Hi! I'm Dusty Patrick

I am sad to say that Dusty has gone. She disappeared on July 19, 2001 (about 10 days after her first birthday) from the house and we have not seen her since. We are hoping she just took off and another family has her but there are coyotes and lots of animals around here so she could have met her demise from them. Really too bad as she was a very cool cat with tons of personality but I am leaving her page up for me to remember her by. J.D. has been very depressed about it. Dave

Hi My name is Dusty and I am the newest addition to the Patrick Family. I am 1 year old now and was named by Dave's sister Sue. He wanted to name me Stormy but that did not happen. He also calls me Rat sometimes but I don't know why.

My favorite things to do are playing with my foil ball, jumping after J.D.'s tail and running around the house at top speed. I also like to play hide and seek and always seem to win as no one finds me. I do not like thunderstorms like the rest of the family and run on Dave's bed when they happen. I experienced my first winter and loved it. Snow is a lot of fun for me. JD tries to catch me but he sinks in the snow so I can really bother him. As summer is here, I am training my skills to catch birds and mice. I have caught tons of stuff but JD always swats me and I lose them. He can be such a pain. 

I hope you like my little web page.



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