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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Cleo's Place in Cyberspace

Hi! I'm Cleo Patrick

Hi My name is Cleo and I am the newest addition to the Patrick Family. I am 6 months old now and was named by Dave. He wanted to name me something that had a pun so I became Cleo Patrick (Get it?). I am part Siamese as I have perfect blue eyes.  He also calls me "The Nut" sometimes but I don't know why.

I have Great Balance!

My favourite things to do are playing with my cloth ball, jumping on top of J.D.'s back for a quick ride, sneaking into anything I can and running around the house at top speed. I do like thunderstorms as the light show creates shadows I like to pounce on. I can usually be found in such places as Dave's bed and lazy boy (when he is not sleeping there). Dave made me a little bed by his computer so I can get a good warm sleep while he is programming some website he does all the time. He really does spend too much time on this clunky machine that hums. But it is really a nice place to sleep.

My Perfect Bed!                         Me when I was 3 months

I hope you like my little web page.



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