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--Soil Moisture
--Drying Index
--Degree Days
--Crop Heat Units


Soil Moisture and Temperature

Many of you will require current soil moisture/temperature information for the day with depths to 2 cms. This model will give you soil moisture for the next 48 hours with depths to 2 cms. The 10 cms depth is a meteogram model that gives the soil moisture and temperature for the next 48 hours as well but the depth change caused me to add both to this section.

14 day Soil Moisture Outlook

48 Hour Soil Moisture Model

Many of you will require current soil moisture/temperature information for the day with depths greater than 2 cms. This next model will give you soil moisture and temperature for the next 48 hours with depths to 10 cms. Please read the instructions carefully to get the results you desire. I have tried many things to make this easier but this is the only way it works correctly.

Please print this page for further reference as it is a bit complicated.

Step 1:
Choose the area/airport closest to your location from the list below. These are the only areas that this type of information is generated from based on satellite and computer models.

Step 2:
Enter that identifier in the box at the bottom.  At this time you will be taken to another site.  This is where you need the print out to enter the proper figures to get the information you need.

Step 3:
Below the title "Meteogram"   you have a few options. 
Starting Date/Time:  Enter this date and time you want the information to begin.
Forecast Duration:  Enter the number of hours you would like to view (from 6-48 hrs).
Graphic size:  You can change the size of the graphic larger or smaller.

Step 4:
Go to the plotting options and click the radio button number 3 "User Defined Parameters and Levels To Plot".  This is important as anything else will not give the proper soil temperature and information.

Step 5:
In the first drop-down box scroll to "Temperature - Soil (SFC)".
In the second drop-down box scroll to "Soil Moisture Content - 0 to 10 cms (SFC)".

It is important to leave the boxes beside these "SFC" the way they are.  SFC indicates surface and any other number is above ground and will give errors.

Step 6:
Click the "
Request Meteogram" to get you graphic results. You can bounced back and forth and change times and duration of the models but the only way to return to this site is by using your back button or bookmark. 

Enter the 3-letter station ID (i.e., yyz) from the list below:

If you need you station Id, use the drop-down menu and just take the letter C off the 4 letter station Id.


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