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--Ontario Archives


Archived Weather Images and Data

At times, I have been asked for archive weather information for Ontario. I have released my archive "Ontario Archives" database to the public and have been updating it monthly in an effort for the users of this site to have current data that is unavailable elsewhere. Due to size restrictions on my server, I can only do this for Ontario which covers 57 stations from 1994 to December 2002. If these links or my database don't have the information you require , I suggest you give Environment Canada a call (located on Downsview Rd.) and they should have it (but it may cost you). At this time, I don't have the resources to do personal research for people. This site takes too much time and resources to allow me to do so. Click the link ONTARIO ARCHIVES in the menu list or click here. Additional information for other provinces is available below in various formats.

New Climatic Normals For All of Canada

This is a new feature that looks at a specific region and gives the average normals for many indexes like temperature and snowfall for a month period covering the whole 12 months from 1971 to 2000. These values are averaged over many years. Please choose a province for the complete listing.

New Archive Data (to satisfy every need you have)

These links are so good and protected that I am not even going to bypass the warnings. You must agree to the conditions before you use the data within these sites. I can tell you that these are the best links for archive data for Ontario, Canada and the world that I have ever seen. Just click the agree, choose Canada from the image map, choose Canada from the box and you can then choose the times and variables you want to graph. I rate these sources an 11 as they are far and away the best available for free.

Month Precipitation Data (Ranges from 1800's to 1990) Precipitation This is a great tool for finding archive monthly precipitation data from various stations.
Month Temperature Data (Ranges from 1800's to 1990) Temperature This is a great tool for finding archive monthly temperature data from various stations.
Northern Canada Temperatures Last 30 Days Last 90 Days Last 365 Days
Western Canada Temperatures Last 30 Days Last 90 Days Last 365 Days
Eastern Canada Temperatures Last 30 Days Last 90 Days Last 365 Days

Other Sources of Archives Information

Maps and Images : Surface Maps This is done by date every 12 hrs.(Unisys)
Infared Sat Images
Average Temp/Precip: World Climate Site Choose your city.
Weather by City: Weather Underground Choose your province and city. At the bottom is a Historical Conditions.  Choose your date and year.
Ontario Climate Norms 1960 - 1990 CMC Canada Just choose your city from the list.

Severe Weather Events

If you are looking for information regarding severe weather events, check my storm chasing section (as many storms in the past few years I have chased and have lots of information) or you can try the Marc Nagy's Southern Ontario Tornado & Severe Storms Page.

If you have a weather station in Ontario and would like to have you data posted in this section, please e-mail it to me and I will add it and give full credit to you.



                     ?1997-2017 The Ontario Weather Page