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--Before The Storm
--Keep Informed
--If you get Caught
--Winter Dangers

Winter Safety Section

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Average Annual Number of Days with Blowing Snow
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Average Annual Number of Days with Freezing Precipitation
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Average Annual Snowfall
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Great Lakes Snow Belts

This section outlines various winter preparations and safety tips that can be used to keep you and your family safe. This information has been taken and modified (added and deleted) from FEMA, The Red Cross, NOAA and The Ontario Weather Page. I hope that you find this information useful (and that you don't ever have to use it). Suggestions for improving this source are welcome.

Before the Storm: Basic preparations that can be taken to prepare you home, car and livestock for impending storms. This includes lists of items that should be packed and stock before the storm strikes.
Keep Informed: A description of weather warnings and what they mean and sources for weather information before and during the storm.
If you get caught: Basic survival tips and what to do if you get caught outside, in you car or at home.
Dangers of Winter: A brief look at some dangerous affects winter storms can cause to you and when you are driving.

Preparation is the key to remaining safe in winter. Safe winter driving can be achieved by using plain common sense. However, there are occasions when the best driving decision is to not drive. If you are uneasy about your ability to drive on slick winter roads or your car's ability to handle them, stay home!


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