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Welcome to The Ontario Tornado Database.

This is a work in progress. Over the past few years, I have traveled to Environment Canada's Office in Toronto to do research and record tornadic occurrences in the province of Ontario.  I have tried to include as much data as I could find. Most of the data is from official reports filed by Environment Canada, however, I have taken some liberties in a few areas (see comments below).  Many of the incidents are without F-scale records and some years have a below average number of incidents indicating to me that more research needs to be done to verify this.

     Any changes, additions, comments or submissions would be greatly appreciated to reach this goal. Any material that you send to me will be handle with care and return to you (if you desire). Without your help, this goal will not be met. 

Tornadic incidents in Ontario are from 1984 to 1997. I have not included 1992 as specific cities were not listed and therefore, no county could be used. In the future I will expand this specific section with more information. An interesting note:  Take a look at Simcoe County in Southern Ontario. And thanks again to Paperglyphs, they look great.

The graphics below are created with great thanks by: 

1039 Western Avenue 
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 5W5
Telephone & Fax: 705 876 6377

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All Of Ontario

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Southern Ontario

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Eastern Ontario

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Northern Ontario

Comments about my records:
  • F0/ F1 classified tornadoes have been recorded either as F0 or F1 based on my knowledge of the situation.

  • Possible/Unconfirmed tornadoes have been classified as Possible until confirmation is received

  • F? are recorded as F0s as they were tornadoes but no classification given.

  • Times are in EST where they were recorded. I have converted the times in some cases to that format.

  • The counties listed are the only ones that have recorded a tornado based on my data and research.

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