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--Soil Moisture
--Drying Index
--Degree Days
--Crop Heat Units


Crop Heat Units Calculator and Graphics

Crop Heat Units is an energy term calculated for each day and accumulated from planting to the harvest date. They are calculated daily using the daily maximum and minimum temperature for your area.   However, time between sunrise and sunset, soil fertility and available water in the soil play an important role in the maturity and overall harvesting time.

For corn, soybeans and edible beans and other warm-season crops, they have a base of 10�C. For more information on the actual base temperature calculations by day and night (which this script is based on) and additional information, check out "Crop Heat Units For Corn and Other Warm-Season Crops in Ontario" By D.M. Brown and A.Bootsma.

Just enter the daily maximum and minimum temperature below. You can also calculate the GDD's for your farm for the growing season beginning with the actual planting date and ending when the corn reaches physiological maturity or a killing frost.

NEW: Yesterday's CHU's

Just enter you min and max temperature into the Calculator for Results!

Minimum Temperature (�C) Min Value 4.4�C
Maximum Temperature (�C) Min Value 10�C




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