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--Unisys ETA
--Unisys MesoETA
--Unisys NGM
--Unisys MRF
--Unisys AVN
--Unisys Snow
--HPC Front/Prec
--RAP Cloud

Weather Models For Canada

Weather models are very important in forecasting what the weather will be in a given time period (from 3 hours to 10 days). Although models has biases and sometimes miss weather systems, they are our best tool for predicting the weather. I have included most of the common models that cover Canada and the U.S.

General Model Information:

Model Provider Model Type Update Times
Unisys ETA Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST
MesoETA Every 12 hours at 2:30 EST
NGM Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST
AVN Every 12 hours at 2:00 EST
MRF Every 24 hours at 10AM EST
SNOW Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST
RAP ETA Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST
CLOUD Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST
CMC GEM OPS Every 12 hours at 12:00 EST
GEM SVR Every 12 hours at 12:00 EST
HPC FRONT/PRECIP Every 12 hours at 11:15 EST

Other Models: (both are updated every 3 hours)

Information Resouces:

Learning to read models graphics is a learning process. I have included a link to Unisys Weather Site that offers a great tutorial (I used it) on how to interpret these models images.

Unisys Weather - Specific Model Interpretation

Cod Nexlab - Brief Model Descriptions



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